Welcome to the Meerkats!

Welcome to Year One! We are taught by Mrs Radford and supported by Mr Bartholomew and Miss Iaccarino. 
In Year One we begin to follow the National Curriculum. However, we will continue to work in a play based, explorative learning environment. We will have lots of fun exploring and investigating, and finding imaginative ways to put the skills that we have learnt into practise through our play. Both the Meerkats and Snow Leopards classrooms will continue to work as a free-flow unit, offering a variety of topic related activities and promoting independent learners.
If you have any questions then please pop in to see me - my door is always open. It is much easier to talk to me about any little concerns than let them build into bigger worries, so please speak to me if you need to so that we can work together to sort them out quickly!

Over the next year, watch our page for updates about our learning and information about how you can support at home.
Mrs Radford.