Autumn Curriculum

EYFS Autumn Curriculum

Personal, Social and Emotional Development- We will be supporting your child settle into their new school environment. They will be taught how to independently put away and collect their things at the start and end of each day, learn the areas for resources to support their collect of resources and tidying up, and also learn our school rules and routines. The teaching of this will be supported through PATHS (Positive alternative thinking strategies) sessions. Keep a lookout for the supporting letters we will send home.

Maths- We will count daily. We will count forwards and backwards to 10 and 20, starting and stopping at different numbers, touch counting objects up to around 20 depending on individuals, and understanding the value of numbers as we select quantities and match them to the correct numeral.

Literacy- We will discuss the stories we share together. The children will be encouraged to ask and answer questions using the text they have heard and the pictures they can see. We will focus on name writing and initial phoneme writing for the children’s drawings and ideas e.g. t for turtle. This will quickly be extended to writing CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant) and even simple sentences.

Phonics- The children will learn Phase 2 phonemes (single letter phonemes – see Bears and Books for more info) and tricky words. We will practise using dots and dashes under the phonemes. They will learn how to segment simple words using their robot arms, and blend phonemes together to make words.

RE- Our big question will be: What is a disciple?

PE- The children will take part in whole class PE lessons each week. As well as these sessions the children will be provided opportunities to develop their fine and large motor skills such as threading, rolling, dough activities, tweezer games, large chalk and paintbrush activities etc.

Please support your child in learning how to zip up their coat and undo their buttons.

This is a working document. As always, our teaching and learning will be tailored towards the children’s interests and these will be drawn upon wherever possible.

Thank you.