Sports Funding



From September 2013 the government has allocated funding directly to primary schools to support the provision of quality Sport/PE.  Each school will receive £8000 pa plus a further £5 per pupil.  It is important that we use this money wisely, so that we get the maximum impact for our children.

To date we have received the following amounts:

2013/14 - £5,371 (from October 2013 to April 2014)

2014/15 - £8,573

2015/16 - £8,829

2016/2017 - £8,842


Below is how we have spent the Sport Premium money received to date:

  • Specific PE and Sports staff development for individual members of staff, including subject leader training
  • New P.E. equipment for a variety of sports including lacrosse, ultimate Frisbee, sports hall athletics.
  • Launch of the ‘Always Active’ mascots in KS1 to promote being active at home as well as at school
  • Purchase of ipads for children to record each other performing skills and self / peer assess each other
  • An annual Health Week for the whole school, buying in specialised sports coaches and opportunities to experience and be inspired through a variety of physical activities
  • Providing further opportunities for the children to compete in Norwich East School Sports Partnership events including providing transport to and from venues
  • Court markings for our hall floor
  • Specialised dance coach to teach children and support the development of staff
  • Four basketball hoops purchased and installed on our playground to introduce the game to the children. A basketball club now runs weekly.
  • Training on the physical literacy course 'Why Movement Matters' for two members of staff.
  • In June 2016 the annual 'Health Week' had an Olympic focus. Children learnt about the history of the Games, explored the Olympic values and enjoyed the spirit of the Games through trying a variety of Olympic events.
  • Resources to develop fine and large motor control have been purchased and are used predominantly in our EYFS but also throughout the school
  • Training and an introduction for The Legacy Challenge. 

What impact has our Sport Premium money had?

  • In July 2015 we were awarded the Bronze Sainsbury's School Games Mark. This is a Government led awards scheme that rewards schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. In July 2016 we were awarded the Silver School Games Mark. We took part in 8 level 1 competitions and 12 level 2 competitions. We have a hard working Sports Committee who help organise the events and other PE related activities at school. In July 2017, we were again proudly awarded the Silver School Games Mark.
  • Ipads are now being used during P.E. lessons by pupils and teachers. This has improved the children's self asessement and peer assessment as they film and photograph each other and anaylse their replay. It has also supported the teachers' feedback as the imagery can be referred to in an instance.
  • The Active Animal Mascots have inspired the children to take part in physical activity outside of school. The children are always keen to share how they have been active with Active Ally, Active Ace and Active Arnie!
  • Children are taking part in more competitive sports. Lunch time and after school clubs have been provided as practise opportunities in the lead up of each event. We have had children qualify for the Norfolk finals in Cross Country and Kwik Cricket.
  • A netball court has been marked on the hall floor. This has supported the teaching of P.E. as the thirds can be used in many ways and the sections/areas are much clearer for the children to work within.
  • In Reception and Year 4, we are taking part in the Legacy Challenge pilot. This encourages children to be the best they can by being active, thinking about their health and creating their own adventures that will challenge them to do something new.


Across the school year, we provide sports clubs for:

  • Dance
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Hockey
  • Before School Club
  • Sports Hall Athletics
  • Tag Rugby
  • Maypole Dancing
  • Tri-Golf

To date, we have had 196 sport related after school club places utilised by children in KS1 and KS2. Further places will be available for clubs during the summer term.

 Please note that this is a working document and may be altered throughout the year.


Following a successful Sportshall Athletics club, we have used some of our Sports Premium funding to purchase our own equipment. Norwich East School Sports Partnership had kindly loaned us theirs.