Welcome to Year 3 Class

Our class name for this academic year will be Parks class.

Rosa Parks is an inspirational figure from Alabama in the United States of America.  Her simple act of defiance against an unjust Jim Crow segregation laws became the spark that ignited the civil rights movement across America in the 1950’s and still continues today.

Rosa Parks’ imprisonment and fine for refusing to give up her seat on the bus to a white person, lead to the Montgomery Bus boycott. The boycott lasted for a total of 381 days with black and white people in the area refusing to use the bus services and walking instead. Although this may seem like a small thing to do, it lead to a much larger set of protests.  Martin Luther King Jr and Edgar Nixon used to momentum and high profile of the events in Montgomery to force leaders into making changes to the laws and helped to eliminate laws that encouraged racial division.

Class information:

Our PE days are Monday and Thursday.

Please can your child come to school in weather appropriate P.E kit where possible as we hope to be outside as much as possible.

Our Library days are Monday – Please make sure that you send any school Library books that need changing on these days as there may not be a possibility at other times.

Pupil Planners should be brought into school on a daily basis, on Mondays Miss Bloss and I will be checking them to see the wonderful and varied literature that you will be sharing at home, on Wednesdays the children will also need them as they contain their log in information.

Our curriculum overview for Years 1-6 2023-2024