Our trip to the Pantomime - Wednesday 8th January 2020
On Wednesday we were very lucky to go on a whole school trip to the Pantomime at the Theatre Royal, in Norwich.
We left at 9.15 and travelled on the coach. We were so lucky as PC Bassham gave us a police escort all the way down our road, which was extremely exciting!
When we got to the theatre, we were amazed by how big it is inside. For some of us, this was our first theatre visit so it was really special. 
The show itself was amazing. Our favourite bits included the songs, seeing the characters appear and disappear magically in a flash of light and seeing the Fairy Godmother fly around the stage, as well as Cinderella's carriage flying. We knew the story of Cinderella well, so it was great to see how this version of the story had been adapted for the stage.
It was explained to us that the Friends of the school had paid for the trip, and we want to say thank you to them for giving us such a wonderful experience that we will cherish forever.