Home Learning for Macaws

Hello Macaws,

This is your Home Learning area of the school website.  I will put up activities and suggestions for daily maths and English work plus weekly activities for other subjects.

  •          Think about starting the day with some exercise   Joe Wicks 9am daily PE
  •          Try and do English and maths work in the morning.
  •          Work for short bursts of time e.g 20 minutes.
  •          Make sure you have lots of breaks.


3Bs B4 Me (‘Me’ is your parent!)

Remember that your parent will need to do their own work, so try and be as independent as you can.


Keep reading every day to your parent – maybe just before bedtime.


Keep practising your times tables.


Some useful general sites to visit:

BBC Bitesize KS2  Lots of different subjects to choose from.

Think U Know online safety for 8 to 10 year olds  There’s also a parents section

Things to do outside if you have a garden  Ideas from the National Trust


Also, check the School Twitter Feed for any new links or activities as time goes by.

Macaws Gallery of Work
I've started receiving some examples of your hard work, so I thought it would be nice to share some of it...
Here are some fantastic shots of actors in role as well-known characters from Ancient Greek mythology.  Check out the detail in their costumes and the amazing backdrops which would have been part of the plays, had they taken place. It's a (Greek) tragedy that they had to been cancelled!
Those that wanted to, recorded their favourite line in character.  Terrific!
Parents - The maths calculation policy below, has the ways we teach addition, subtraction, division and multiplication at Little Plumstead.  Have a look through at some point.  You'll see the example where Macaws are at with subtraction - it's near the end of the document. 
Other subjects
Here is a link to resources from The National Curriculum for learning from home.
Empty! Please add a resource.