Welcome to Meerkats 2018

Welcome to all of the new children and parents who have started in the Meerkats class this year!
Miss Norman teaches the Meerkats with the support of Miss Iaccarrino. 
We are looking forward to making fantastic progress in our learning this year through lots of exciting learning opportunities and topics.
Keep a look out on the website for regular updates, copies of letters and pictures of all the great things we have been up to.


As they did last year, each child will receive one book to practice at home. The more confident readers may not always read this book with an adult at school each week as they should be able to decode the book independently. Once your child has read their book a minimum of twice at home and discussed the book with you then they can return it to be changed.

Ideally the children should read their books with an adult every night. Children develop a love of reading through sharing stories, so please do not feel that you always need to read their levelled book – I would love to read about the story books from home or the library that they have been reading too. Please remember to write a comment in their reading record each time you listen to them as this helps us to identify any areas for development. Your child will receive a house point if they succeed in reading at home a minimum of four times each in a week (from Friday evening to Friday morning). This is a great opportunity to build up those house points and work towards the goal of bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards.



Each Thursday the children have a list of spelling words sent home in their spellings book. They should practice these using the ‘look, cover, write, check’ method. Please practice these at home as the children will take part in a spelling test the following Wednesday based on the words that they have been given. The tests are really beneficial for the children to gain independence in their writing ability. I will soon be sending home some suggestions on how to make practicing the spellings a home a little more fun and ways to support your child further.

The words selected will initially consist of the high frequency and tricky words that are on the Year One National Curriculum. As we progress through our phonics learning, they will also consist of a selected spelling pattern (e.g. words that contain the ‘th’ digraph, or words that contain alternative graphemes for the ‘ee’ phoneme). Word lists will mostly be differentiated for groups of children to ensure that they are suitable for their level. To reinforce their learning, words may be repeated if the children are finding that spelling particularly difficult to apply within their writing.


Cursive Handwriting

The children will continue to have cursive handwriting teaching input. As the children have already been taught how to write each letter, we will focus on getting the children to apply this knowledge in their everyday writing and to make sure their letter formation is consistent.


Other Notes:

  • This year we will have two P.E. sessions each week. These will be on Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure that all earrings are removed and long hair is tied back.
  • Our library session will be on Wednesday afternoon. All library books will need to be returned on this day so that new books can be issued. The children are also welcome to change their library books during lunchtime – librarians will be available to support them with this.
Please feel free to ask any questions!