Place Value January 2020

15th January 2020 - Place Value in Mathematics
Over the last couple of weeks, the Meerkats have been focusing on place value in their maths lessons. 
We have been thinking hard about two-digit numbers and splitting them into tens and ones. They have got really good at working out how many tens and ones there are in a 2-digit number, as well as identifying what the number might be if there are, for example, 5 tens and 9 ones. We work this out, by identifying how many tens there are (5 tens = 50) and how many ones there are (9 ones = 9) and then putting the two together (50 + 9 = 59). 
We have also been using our knowledge to help us solve problems. An example of the problems we have looked at is:
I have 8 tens and 4 ones. If I take 1 ten away I will have 64. Is my statement true or false? How do you know? Can you prove it?