Road Safety Celebration

17th November 2017
Once again, our children have had the opportunity to take part in all of the Road Safety training sessions available for their age group which are provided by Norfolk Road Safety Team.  We take road safety and travelling to school very seriously; it's an important part of our curriculum. As a result, we've been awarded the certificate below.
Children in our school will take part in the following this year:
  • Year 6 Level 2 Road Cycling – Starting 12th September, 17th April and 5th June for 6 weeks run in house but assess by the local authority.
  • Bethany & Benjamin session for Reception children – 23rd February (PM)
  • Year 1 Step On It Pedestrian Training – 26th February and 2nd March
  • Year 4 Level 1 Cycling – 14th, 15th & 16th March led by the local authority
  • Year 4 DIMS (Seat belt Safety) – 8th June
  • Year 6 Going Places – 8th June