Science - using our senses - hearing and taste

Friday 24th January 2020
This week we have further explored the senses part of our 'Animals, including humans' science unit by attempting to identify different sounds with our ears and different tastes with our tongues.
To begin with, we listened to various sounds with our eyes shut. We then discussed what each sound might be. The children were very good at this and were able to correctly identify most sounds, although there were a few trickier ones!. For the microwave sound we had a guess of a dumper truck, fire alarm, lorry, oven and car reversing as well as microwave! They were all very feasible guesses. I've included all the sound files below so you can have a go with your children again, if you would like.
We then had lots of fun trying trying foods. We got into groups of four and they took turns to be the 'feeder'. They then fed the surprise food to the other in the group, whilst they had their eyes shut. The children were great at this and agreed that it was really helpful having the textures to help. We tried mashed banana, apple and chocolate buttons - yummy!
We then took the help of the texture of food away, this time asking the children what flavour jelly bean they were eating. They found this much harder and although there were some great guesses, they were also very varied. For example, for the orange flavour one we had guesses of strawberry, lemon, blackcurrant, banana, apple, mint and lime!

We had great fun exploring our senses again and we cannot wait to find out more!