Spelling Update 26.02.2020

The children have been really enjoying completing their spelling 'tests' over the last term and every Wednesday morning we have had a cheer when they have seen it coming up on the timetable.
Over the last couple of weeks we have not sent any new spellings home to learn. I have told the children that I would like them to practice all of the Year One 'Common Exception Words' that I sent home at the beginning of the school year. I have also attached a copy to the bottom of this page. These are a list of words set out in the National Curriculum with the expectation that all children in Year One will be able to write and spell all of these words correctly and consistently in all of their writing.
We have noticed that although the children are often confident in the 'test' after practicing the words the week before, they are not applying their knowledge of common exception words in their writing and so we are pushing this hugely at the moment. Lots of these words were taught in Reception and all of the newer ones have been introduced through both phonics lessons and spelling sessions.
For the next few weeks, please could you concentrate on practicing the common exception words at home with your child? If you notice that they have come home with an incorrectly spelt one, then please focus on these words as well. Also, if your child is doing some writing at home, then please point out the common exception words within their writing, praise them if they have written it correctly, and identify if they have not. You could turn it into a game with you spelling it deliberately wrong and them having to write it correctly!