CofE Primary Academy

Hello Hubbites!

Welcome to a life without school, but not without learning.

Firstly as a parent I want to say I understand how unusual and no doubt challenging it is right now for all of us, so stay strong and remember Poppy Troll. Parents that goes for us too! Equally as a teacher please try and remember that this time is such a wonderful gift for all of us to continue to develop your child as a person and to help them become more grounded in themselves, with their relationships and then the wider world. 

This is the key to what we have been doing during our time in the Hub and as much as we as the team enjoy this (I’m already missing our toast time for example!) there is no better person in your child’s life to do this with your child then you and your family. They need this time that we have been afforded via this situation and come the end of this period I truly hope that they and you have built an even better bond then you already have.

As such these are the key things I want you to remember during this period.

After that here is some further pointers…

All of the children have already been provided with enough academic work to do via there year 3/4 pages so when attempting academic work with them look to those activities. In the hub we have worked on the basis that we will do one piece of maths, English and then one other subject a day, this is what you will be able to find. What’s more important is to understand that we have done this in a pressure free, positive fashion at all times. This has meant we have had to pick apart and highlight every positive action on show. Keep doing this. Positivity breads positivity.

Finally I will add to here two or three suggested additional activities on here in order for you to do alongside those academic ones. Please feel free to do them as you see fit and tweak them to make them work for you as a family. Oh. Watch this space for a video too, fingers crossed you will like it!

Stay safe, stay awesome,

Mr Whitehead

Have fun

I mean that!

If this is happening, they will learn more than you can ever directly teach.

“Our love should not be only words and talk.
No, our love must be real.
We must show our love by the things we do.”
1 John 3:18