Developing Mathematics - Foundational Number Sense

We are taking part in research led by Stockholm University in Sweden in developing children's number sense. The research has so far focused on Year 1 teacher's views in England and Sweden.  The project reports their overwhelming sense of professionalism into how they see the teaching and learning of early mathematics in general and children's development of FoNS in particular.  The next stage will be developing questionnaires to gather the views of many more teachers in the two countries.
FoNS – the spring from which later mathematical learning grows

This project's name is 'the acquisition of year one students' foundational number sense in Sweden and England', but we prefer its acronym, FoNS, which is the abbreviation of Foundational Number Sense. Not only is FoNS easy to remember but its meaning in Latin, a well, spring, source or fount, emphasises the key role of FoNS in children's learning of mathematics; it is the spring from which later mathematical learning grows.