Inspiring Our Future

Welcome to the Inspiring Our Future webpage.
Here you will find out about professionals from the world of work who have been invited into school to share their skills and enthusiasm for the jobs they do. They take part in an assembly and then work closely with one class on an activity linked to their job. 
We hope that our pupils will begin to see the connection between the skills developed at school and those needed in the world of work. Who knows who may be inspired to do what!
Moya Myerscough, the  Regional Education Co-ordinator from Farming and Countryside Education FACE visited us for our next Inspiring Our Future Assembly.
Moya then spent time with the Otters, our Year 2 class, helping them find out about the Cycle of Wheat into Bread.
Thank you to Mr Penfold who shared experiences about his exciting job as an Event Organiser. Mathematical and communication skills are vital in his job as well as a good knowledge of geography.
Year 2 enjoyed a lesson organising an event of their choice anywhere in the world!
We enjoyed a visit from Natahsa Purwin who shared her love of circus skills and acting with us.
Tegan said, "It was really interesting because sometimes I think wouldn't it be amazing to see a circus!"
Jobi said, "I can see how you need science skills to see how much you weigh for the circus acts."
Mr Dixon joined us today for a fantastic assembly about saxophones and sound.
We found out about the inventor of the saxophone Adolfe Sax and after break Year 3 created their very own bottle orchestra.
Who knows what  might have been inspired in Little Plumstead pupils!
Today Lucy Kirkwood, a script writer visited us. She told us about how she writes, about her favourite work so far and the exciting projects is working on at present. Her plays have been on television, in the theatre and on the radio!
 Lucy was really impressed with Little Plumstead pupils' knowledge and their questions. She worked with Year 5 after break on developing some script for two characters.
Russ Hill, a Marine and Logistics Manager from Sheringham Shoal joined us today for our Inspiring Our Future Assembly. We've all seen wind turbines from a distance, but watching a video of an engineer climbing up a wind turbine as high as the London Eye made us feel a bit dizzy!
 Mr Hill's job seemed really interesting and we saw both male and female engineers working on projects. A boat which grows legs and rises out of the water to help with building a new turbine caused quite a stir. We found out lots of exciting facts about offshore wind projects, including how the Queen is involved. Just ask us!