Homework in Ocelots

11th September:
The children have a sheet to complete, using the 'kn' alternative spelling for 'n'. 
October Half Term
There is no set homework for the holidays but I have created a challenge on SumDog if the children want to practise their maths skills.
30th October
The children will be practising the 'to', 'too' and 'two' homophones.
Homework: 6th November
Measure 5 items and record their lengths. Which is the longest? Which is the shortest?
Homework 27th November
The children will be practising using apostrophes for contractions (missing letters).
Homework 11th December
The children have some winter themed maths to complete.
Homework: Christmas Holidays
There is no homework for the Christmas holidays - I hope you all have a lovely, relaxing time.
If your children want something to do, there is a challenge on SumDog that they can take part in.
Homework: 8th January
Homework this week is about using arrays to help with multiplication.
Homework 15th January
Homework for this week is based around practising the 2 times table.
Homework: 6th February
This week's homework is based around the 5 times table.
Homework: 12th February 
There is no set homework for half term. I have set a SumDog challenge if your child wishes to take part. 
Have a lovely half term.