Little Plumstead CEVA School’s British Science Week 2018.

14th March 2018
Brilliant Birds
Enjoy some photographs of our Brilliant Birds activity - exploring the outdoors, the remarkable way birds build their nests and having a go at making a bird's nest using materials you can find naturally outside.
Squashed Tomatoes
Many farmers in Nepal grow their crops (including tomatoes) on the mountainside.  To sell them at the local market they need to transport the to the bottom of the mountain.  It's a long and hazardous journey and tomatoes are quite easily squashed, so they need to be transported with care.  Have a look at the methods children devised to transport as many cherry tomatoes as possible, at the same time and without squashing them.
Poo from the Past
Some archaeologists help us understand what people ate in the past by cutting up coprolites (fossilised poo) and looking carefully at it.  We have made Roman and Aztec coprolites for you to excavate.  See if you can identify what was eaten!
Bug Hotel
In some gardens it's hard for wildlife to discover safe hideaways where they can live. We have helped them by building our own miniature bug hotels.
Run to the Deep
The children have investigated and researched the different ocean zones.  They have made a collaborative display showing the amazing variety of life at different depths.
Giant Bubbles
We had great fun exploring bubbles and how they are made.  Bubble-science!
Rocket Rescue
A great deal of scientific fun was had investigating the 'Rocket Rescue' mission.  Have a look at the pictures.