GoGoHare Project

28th March 2018
Our Go Go Hare Art Project is well underway. Thank you for all the amazing designs and congratulations to Hannah in Year 4 and Miles in Year 5 who received the most votes for their designs. We decided to incorporate both their designs as well as elements of other children's great ideas in our final project.
Thank you to Sam at B&Q who was very patient and helpful as we chose the best colours and had them mixed.
Every member of the school will have played a part in the creating of our unique leverett. We hope you enjoy the pictures so far. 
What an amazing bunch of fantastic and creative children we have at Little Plumstead Primary School! 
Everyone took part in creating our Go Go Hare, including the staff. 
A big thank you to Frances Allen for all your help and advice too. 
Just the final varnishing to go and a Crazy Hair Day on Tuesday 17 April to raise some more money for Break Charity.