Home Learning in Ocelots

Welcome to the Home Learning page for Ocelots.
This page will be updated regularly with suggested ideas for home learning. These are just suggestions - I am sure you already have ideas for activities that you can do as a family such as cooking and baking, growing, outdoor learning and games - but if you are looking for more ideas then I hope these are useful.
If you have any essential queries, I can be contacted by email on Year2@littleplumstead.norfolk.sch.uk I will monitor this email account during normal school hours but may not be able to respond immediately.
Most important of all - stay safe. I am looking forward to seeing you all again as soon as possible.
Mrs Bennett
General information
You may want to consider some structure for the day but obviously this needs to fit around the needs of your family. Starting the day with some exercise can get everyone ready for the day - Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) is offering a daily 30 minute exercise session for children at 9am each weekday via his You Tube channel (link here - The Body Coach).
Consider completing maths and English activities during the morning as, generally, children will be more productive during this time. Have lots of breaks - short bursts of learning broken up with other activities will be more productive than longer sessions. Afternoons are great for science, topic work and creative activities.
There are lots of small activities that can be done at any time to consolidate learning. A few suggestions are reading, times tables (we have learned 10, 2 and 5 in class), spellings, telling the time, writing sentences.
I will link to some subject specific websites under each individual subject but there are some websites that cover many different subjects that might be useful. One of these is BBC Bitesize which has video clips, activities and games for every subject. As your children may be spending more time online than usual, you may want to look at the Think U Know website which has information for parents and children about staying safe online. Hoping that we get some nice weather, the National Trust has great ideas for activities that can be carried out in your garden. The BBC have also released details of many of their programmes that are classed as Primary Learning - you can find a full list with details of where to find each programme here. The Scouts have a range of outdoor activities that can be carried out indoors if necessary - you can find these here
There are many people and organisations that are offering different online activities while the schools are closed and, as new ones are announced, we will try to add these to our school Twitter feed, so you may want to check our @LittlePlumstead and @LittlePlumReads twitter feeds occasionally for any that are of interest to you and your family. 
 If you would like to share any of your child's home learning, please email pictures to me at  Year2@littleplumstead.norfolk.sch.uk. If you are happy for me to add these to a 'Home Learning Gallery' on our class website pages, please let me know when you send the picture.
Weekly Letters From Mrs Bennett
Please continue to read regularly with your child - regular practice is really important. If you need more reading material, Oxford Owl at Home have a large range of free ebooks available as well as suggestions for other activities. 
Audible are offering free access to their audio books while schools are closed - a great way to listen to stories as a family. You can find the details here
Get Epic is an American site that is offering free access to their library of online books. They have a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books, as well as magazines. If you would like access to this site, you do need to request it via a teacher, so please email me and I will arrange for a link to be sent to you.
Phonics Play are offering free home access to their phonics games and Ruth Miskin are offering daily phonics lessons on their You Tube channel starting at 9:30am daily.
You can find the year 2 spelling list as a PDF file underneath this text section.
Spelling games are also now available on Sumdog - I will set a weekly challenge for spelling from next week.
Suggested Daily Activities
30th March - Homophones. Can you remember what homophones are? They are words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings. This week we are going to practise using some common homophones starting with there, their and they're. Look at this page on BBC Bitesize There, Their, They're to remind you of how to use the different spellings and have a go at the activities. Then write two sentences for each of the different spellings. Can you think of a good way to remember which is which?
For previous weeks' activities, see the files below this section.
Children can play on Sumdog or Times Tables Rockstars at any time to consolidate their maths learning. If you need a reminder of log in details for either site, please email me. The children have requested a weekly Sumdog challenge so I will try to set one up for each week.
*Well done to those children who completed the Week 1 challenge. The Week 2 challenge starts at 8am on Monday.*
I have uploaded a copy of our school calculation policy below this section. This will be useful to see how we teach the different calculation methods so that you can help your children if necessary.
Suggested Daily Activities
30th March - Go on a number hunt around your house. Where are numbers used in everyday life and why? How many different numbers can you find in different rooms? What is the biggest number you can find? Where was it? Were you surprised at how often numbers are used at home?
For previous weeks' activities, see the files below this section.
Week 2:
For this week, your science activity links to your geography activity. Can you find out the names of some animals which live in the country that you have chosen? Think back to when we learned about why some animals live in certain places and the features that they have that means they can live there easily - why do your animals live in your country? 
Week 1: 
As the weather forecast this week is good, why not go into your garden and create a sundial? Using the instructions here
Once your sundial is ready, look at where the shadows fall. Do the shadows get longer or shorter at different times of the day? Can you measure and record the length of your shadows? (If you do not have a tape measure / ruler, you can measure with the length of your hands or feet.)
Children may want to practise their typing skills using BBC Dance Mat
Topic - History / Geography
A great website for History and Geography facts and activities is National Geographic Kids. They also have science and other curriculum related activities.
Week 2:
This week, can you add to your country information by finding out the following facts:
  • The name of the longest river in the country and how long it is
  • The name of the tallest mountain in the country and how tall it is
  • The population of the capital city (how many people live there)
  • The names of three other big cities in the country
If you are feeling creative, try to draw an outline of your country and show where the cities are. If you have an atlas at home, you could trace it to make it a bit easier. Or you may be able to find an outline online and print it. 
Week 1:
This is a geography project that we will keep adding to over the coming weeks. I would like you to choose another country in the world, outside of Europe, that you would like to find out more about. For this week, can you find out the following information:
  • Name of country
  • Name of continent the country part of
  • Name of capital city
  • Population of the country (number of people who live there)
If you are feeling creative, have a go at drawing and colouring the country's flag.
Creativity - Art / DT
Week 1:
Rainbow Trail - create your own rainbow picture that you can put in your window for people walking past to see. You could use pens, paint, or collage to create your picture. Remember the colours of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (dark purple) and violet (light purple).
If you go out for a walk, how many rainbows can you spot?
Keeping Active
As well as the Joe Wicks sessions mentioned earlier, Jump Start Jonny also has some free workouts.
The NHS website has a range of 10 Minute Shake-ups  featuring some favourite Disney characters. There are individual games and games for more than one person so that the family can join in.
Oti Mabuse from Strictly Come Dancing is offering daily children's dance classes via her Facebook page. These classes are at 11:30 every day.
If you need some calming time, Cosmic Kids offers children's yoga and mindfulness; they have a You Tube channel as well.
Religious Education
Week 1:
In school, we had started learning about the Easter story. There is a nice animation on the BBC website. You could watch the animation with your child and talk about why Easter is celebrated by Christians.
Norfolk Music Hub have a Music At Home section which can be accessed through this link. You will need log in details to access the different schemes so please email me if you would like your own details.
If you would like to try some music activities as a family, Sing Up have a home school area that may be useful.
If you have access to an iPad, Garage Band is a fun way to experiment with music.