Spellings Black Panthers 2019

Spellings are a huge priority throughout the National Curriculum.  

Each Monday I will send home spellings to be learnt for a test  the following week.  The test will be in the form of a dictated transcription to demonstrate that they can use the spellings within the context of a sentence.  I will also upload each week’s spellings onto this page for your information.

Whilst it is important to learn and practise these words for the test, my assessment of your child's learning will be when they are using them accurately within all of their writing, not just for the test.  


I have also uploaded the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 spelling lists that all children need to know by the end of Year 6.  After an initial assessment at the beginning of the year, I will include some of the less secure words, each week, in the weekly spellings to be learnt.


Mrs. Holmes