Here at Little Plumstead Primary School we are committed to the inclusion of all pupils in our community. We understand that children are unique and learn in different ways. Teachers plan lessons according to the specific needs of all groups of children in their class, this ensures that learners’ needs are met. The progress of all learners is monitored which includes regular progress meetings. Where progress is a concern, this is shared with parents and the curriculum is adapted to support progress. This may be through adapting teaching, targeted work in class or through additional intervention. Where this intervention does not bring about improved progress we may agree with parents to seek the advice of  external specialist support teachers and educational psychologists to assess children’s needs. 

If you are concerned that your child may have a special educational need or disability you should, in the first instance, speak to your child’s class teacher.

They may then suggest a conversation with our SENCO, Mrs Julie Risby.

Please click on the links below for our SEND local offer information report and SEN policy